Brinkmann 805-2101-S Pitmaster Deluxe Smoke ‘N’ Pit

Brinkmann Smoke N Pit

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The Brinkmann Smoke N Pit is a durable dual chamber offset smoker grill made from heavy-gauge steel with a welded body and tubular legs. It also has a rust resistant finish. The offset firebox holds up to 10 pounds of fuel. Both the main smoking chamber and the offset firebox have heat resistant handles as well as sturdy hinges that open fully for easy access.

The Brinkmann Smoke N Pit can be used as a bbq grill or as a bbq smoker. Using either charcoal briquettes or wood, simply light the fire in the offset firebox and smoke migrates into the second, larger food chamber, exiting via the smokestack. To grill food you can use either the large or the small chamber, depending upon the quantity of food that you are grilling on your Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.

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The Brinkmann Smoke N Grill also comes with a large wooden utensil shelf  and a recipe book.  The grates are porcelain-coated and easy to clean. There is a  metal rack below the larger cooking chamber which can be used to store fire wood.  The Brinkmann Smoke N Grill requires detailed self assembly.

Cooking With The Brinkmann Smoke N Pit

The Brinkmann Smoke N Pit has over 750 square inches of cooking area between the two chambers and will hold approximately 100 pounds of food. Temperature can be managed via a damper on the smokestack and an adjustable air vent on the firebox. These simple but effectiveBrinkmann Smoke N Pit tools help provide you with easy control over heat, smoke, and circulation. Nonetheless, you should seriously consider investing in a temperature gauge for your Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.

The smokey flavor of the food will naturally depend upon the curing of the smoker grill and also the selection of woods used in your Brinkmann Smoke N Pit. Whilst this is a matter of personal taste, there are plenty of woods available for you to experiment with. Popular choices include maple, oak, mesquite and hickory.

As with most smoking grills, some areas will become hotter and smokier than others and the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit is no exception in this respect.  For example, the bottom grate will be at a lower temperature than the top grate and will have less smoke. Care also needs to be taken if  placing food adjacent to the entrance to the firebox on the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit as this area becomes extremely hot and may end up burning your food.

You will also need to place a small bucket or or vessel under the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit, on the metal rack, in order to catch the grease that drips off the food as it cooks/smokes.

Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Features and Specifications

  • Firebox vent and smokestack damper for heat and smoke control
  • Sturdy stay-cool wood handles and convenient storage rack
  • Angled smokestack allows smoker lid to open fully
  • 17.5 inches long by 36 inches wide by 17.3 inches high, 130 pounds, black
  • Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Shipping weight 173 pounds
  • Model Number: 805-2101-S

Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Reviews

There are a considerable number of reviews available for the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit. The vast majority of these are extremely favorable with some minor niggles.

The main drawback appears to be the formation of rust at a relatively early age (under 2 years in some cases) on the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.  Nonetheless, some users openly confess to heavy usage and to not maintaining the smoker grill in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. One user recommended using rustoleum bbq black heat resistant spray paint, at the first signs of rust, in order to maintain and prolong the life of the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.

Some reviewers also claimed that using a temperature gauge on the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit was inaccurate. However, further investigation revealed this to be a problem with the positioning of the temperature gauge as opposed to the gauge providing false readings. On the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit, a designated space is provided for the installation of an optional temperature gauge . However, this designated space is located high up on the top of the lid of the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit. It was generally believed by the reviewers that thermometer readings at this location were generally far too high and hence, misleading. More than one reviewer suggested drilling a hole in the side of the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit and installing a thermometer there instead.

The overall consensus of opinion is that the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit is a great smoker grill and represents very good value for money. More than one reviewer recommended purchasing a temperature gauge for the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.

Buy From Amazon

According to our research the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit is a high quality product, especially for the price and all reviewers appeared happy with their purchase. Some buyers even stated that they were looking to purchase a second Brinkmann Smoke N Pit as a replacement for the first. Consequently, the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit comes highly recommended.


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